... a day devoted to your fabulousness, with world-class speakers on Health, Wealth, Leadership, Success and Soul.

... wonderful entertainment, a beautiful ballroom, laughter, meaningful connections, and chocolate!

... an extravaganza of retail therapy, great gifts and exciting door prizes.

... an unforgettable day of personal and professional development that can impact you forever.

Celebrating the empowered leadership of women
every woman ... is a Woman Of Worth

Saturday April 14, 2018


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Luxurious Self-Care

Pamper yourself with luxurious spa treatments, downtime with friends (new and old), gorgeous scenery, and of course: CHOCOLATE!

WOW SPARKLING HILL Saturday, April 14th 2018 




World-Class Speakers

Learn from teachers, trainers and speakers who will inspire you on the topics of health, wellness, financial abundance, relationships, and personal development, to live a more full life.

A Message from WOW Founder, Christine Awram

I've been reflecting on what has made WOW events so freaking amazing for 14 years now, and keep coming back to our core. Women Empowering Women. Connect & Collaborate. Educate & Empower. Philanthropy. Value. Worth. Authenticity. Celebrating our fabulousness. Having fun, drinking wine, eating chocolate. LOL.

Even after all these years, I still don't really have words to explain WOW. It's beyond words. The learning both personally and professionally is profound. The connections are powerful. The fun factor and laughter run through the day like an electric current. It's an experience like no other. Maybe because I've always held the space for extra-ordinary, so it just is.

Our next Woman Of Worth event is at Sparkling Hill Resort, in the Okanagan, BC, on April 14th, 9am-5pm. World-class speakers. Best-selling authors. Entertainment. Empowerment. Gal-pal time at its absolute finest. I'd love to share this amazing day with you.

Get WOWed - Because every woman is a Woman Of Worth,

Christine Awram

​Founder of WOW

Women Empowering Women

WOW is a place where women come together to feel alive, celebrate their brilliance and support one another's dreams.